Just like Mom used to bake

This is causing a bit of a stir: High Number of Moms Admit Pot Use

A number of mothers in the Phoenix area admit they use marijuana to wind down after a long day, television station KPHO reported.
Shay Pausa surveyed hundreds of mothers through her Web site, Chikii.com. She targeted women in affluent suburban areas. […]
They’re women like Jan, who’s 30 and has one child.
“I like it just to relax, if I’m very stressed out and I just need some time, just to relax. It’s good for that,” Jan said. […]
Of the hundreds of mothers Pausa surveyed, 52 percent said they smoke pot at least 10 times a year.
Twenty-seven percent said they smoke it one to seven times a week.
Some of the women even said they would someday tell their kids about their secret. That’s what most concerns some anti-drug groups.
“So what kind of message is that sending to a child? If it’s OK to smoke pot in the house, is it OK to steal? Bottom line, it’s illegal,” said Sarah Christiansen of NotMyKid.org.

Yep. Pot smoking and stealing. Where do these drug warriors learn how to make analogies? (Like the one where they say “Well if you think legalizing will reduce the criminal activity, why don’t you legalize murder as well?”)
And I’ve had just about enough of “sending messages to children.” Everybody who wants to control what adults do always talks about messages to children. Guess what? The children are not interested in, or listening to, your “messages.” (And they know you’re just using them, because they know how to read between the lines very well.) Try talking to children, instead. Tell them the truth. Have the guts to raise a human being instead of trying to train a puppy.

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