“bullet” Senator Tom Harkin (via)

Marijuana is often the drug singled out for legalization. However, marijuana is not the recreational drug that many believe it to be. In a study completed by the Drug Abuse Warning Network, the number of marijuana related emergencies has nearly reached the level of cocaine related emergencies. As this statistic indicates, marijuana use often has fatal consequences.

Now that’s some hall-of-fame logic. You’d think all those health professionals and pharmaceutical companies that gave him over half a million dollars would have been able to teach him something about what emergency room mentions actually mean… Oh. Right.
“bullet” Pope Benedict

Benedict on Saturday turned to the issue of drug trafficking and its damage to society, threatening Latin American drug dealers with divine retribution.
“God will call you to account for your deeds,” Benedict warned drug dealers..

Oops… another unintentionally funny line… wait for it…

“Human dignity cannot be trampled upon in this way,” the pope declared

The pope should try actually having a chat with God. I have my own relationship with the Divine Presence and, while I would never be stupid enough to claim to speak for Him, I get the distinct impression that if He was actually into the divine retribution shtick, drug dealers would be considerably further down on that list than Benedict himself.

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