Bring me some more leeches

Parts of England and Ireland apparently have an archaic coroner’s inquest system, which seems to involve the use of some kind of local witch doctor who just makes shit up.
Cannabis Can Trigger Fatal Heart Conditions

The inquest was told that Mr Kelly, who was very health-conscious, collapsed and died in front of his girlfriend, Stephanie.
He was an occasional user of cannabis and a post mortem found tiny traces of the drug in his system.
He was rushed to the Mercy University Hospital ( MUH ) but he died despite frantic efforts by doctors to save him.
Assistant State Pathologist Dr Margaret Bolster said David died because the rhythmic electrical pulse in his heart misfired, causing it to stop beating almost immediately. She pointed to a growing body of medical evidence which shows links between the triggering of similar heart conditions and the use of drugs like cannabis and cocaine.

Drugs like cannabis and cocaine?
Witchdoctor Bolster then pointed to a series of scratches on a victim and said that they were from probably caused by animals like chipmunks and elephants.
[Note: A couple of previous coroner’s inquest stories I’ve reported on are here and here.]

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