And the stupid shall kill us all

I fear for the planet. When the leadership of so much of the world is unable to understand the simplest of concepts…
It is criminally irresponsible to assume that the only options to approaching certain problems are military success or surrender, particularly when the war isn’t even a war at all, but rather a policy opposing inanimate objects and economic forces.
Witness Mexican President and idiot Felipe Calderon

Mexican President Felipe Calderon vowed on Thursday not to abandon his military-led war against violent drug gangs, defying a call from a congressional committee for the withdrawal of troop patrols.
Banging his finger on a lectern during a speech in the northern state of Durango, Calderon said his government would not relent in its fight against drug traffickers.
“We cannot leave the children and the young people of Mexico in the claws of organized crime. Our position is clear: not one step backward in the task of defending Mexico,” he said.
“Simply withdrawing, being cowardly and hiding are not the solution,” Calderon said.

Because he is such a cowardly moron, without the cojones to handle a real solution, and because his chilito makes him insecure, he condemns his people to death.
… and he is far from alone.

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