Why do you think they call her Mary Jane?

Thanks to Peter Parker in comments, we find this hilarious blog post from Avi Green in Israel: Kirsten Dunst puts a cloud over Spider-Man 3.
Apparently this guy found out about how Kirsten admitted to using marijuana.

There is no true way you can use grass without blowing your creativity to kingdom come. I can’t even begin to describe just how devastated I feel that Dunst has not only blackened her image, but put a whole cloud over the upcoming movie.

Um. Avi, have you heard of jazz?
And of course, Kirsten wasn’t talking about showing up to the set stoned. She was talking about smoking pot in her own time. The notion of “blowing your creativity to kingdom come” is absurd.

(While I’m on the subject, let me add that a few years ago, I once visited a comics forum where there was this racist 19-20 year-old hanging around, allegedly from Perth, Australia, who admitted to smoking weed too, and supported legalizing venomous drugs as well. He was one of these Mark Millar addicts to boot, and seemed to quite enjoy stereotypical artwork in comic books. I wonder what kind of terrible parents raised that filthy little bigot? With any luck, he’ll be in jail or in a rehab center now, getting taught some more positive lessons for a change.)

OK, that paragraph is just the ravings of a madman who needs to get a life.

Now, having found this news, I find myself conflicted – do I see the movie or don’t I? Maybe I will, but it’ll be pretty difficult enjoying a movie when you know that the co-star is mindlessly bragging to the British tabloids about how “great” marijuana and cannabis are. But there are others who will doubtless be less forgiving, and this news could very easily lead to the movie backfiring in sales.


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