The logical disconnect in conversations with prohibitionists

Reformer: Two plus two equals four.
Prohibitionist: No, you’re wrong. Apples are green.

Check out this article

The federal government should legalize and regulate drugs for recreational and medical use because they are too dangerous to leave in the hands of criminals, a former Michigan lawman says.
Howard J. Wooldridge, a self-described education specialist in Washington, D.C., with the Boston-based Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, said a $1 trillion war against drugs since the 1970s has failed to stop the flow of narcotics into the nation and that many drugs often sell for less, are stronger and are more readily available than ever.
“These drugs are dangerous, some of them are deadly, and that’s why we ( need ) the government to control and regulate them” through legalization, Wooldridge said. “The drug dealers are regulating these drugs.”

An intelligent and logical proposal, deserving an intelligent response. Wait for it…

“I could show you a whole jail full of people who have got mixed up with drugs and it hasn’t helped them in any way,” said Sheriff Charles L. Brown.

What happened to Sheriff Brown’s brain cells?

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