The President’s Spring Break from Hell

I really can’t imagine that President Bush is looking forward to his upcoming trip down south.

Like many Americans at this time of year, President Bush is striking out for southern climes.
Packing strategies for fostering trade, fighting drug traffickers and fending off the regionwide shift to the political left, Bush flies out Thursday on a swing through the friendlier parts of Latin America.

Even sticking to the “friendlier parts” can’t be much fun for him. His drug war is losing popularity by the day, and the war in Iraq has pretty much stripped him of the ability to offer either bribes or threats in Latin America.
He’s a lame duck, unsure of his strength in countering the influence of the President of Venezuela!
Here’s an interesting thing to discuss…. Could it be that this administration’s love affair with the drug war could end up being a liability to… the drug war? It seems that the rest of the world is starting (in bits and pieces) to identify the excesses of the drug war with the foreign policy failures of the Bush administration. And they’re starting to see that the advantages of defying U.S. drug policy might outweigh any potential repercussions.

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