Personal notes (and open thread)

“bullet” I was quoted reasonably well (they got a few things wrong) in this article in the Illinois State University newspaper.
“bullet” Big event locally on March 29 (a week from today). “Prohibition Kills: An Evaluation of the War on Drugs” featuring Greg Francisco (LEAP), Pete Guither (Drug WarRant), and George Pappas (IDEAL reform) at 7 pm on the Illinois State University campus (Bone Student Center, Old Main Room). If you’re in the area, please come.
“bullet” I’ve been busy recently with work and a bunch of other stuff, including putting together a girl band. (Yes, you heard that right.) It’s for a production of Caryl Churchill’s “Vinegar Tom” and the director (Deb Alley) wanted a girl band on stage for the 7 songs in the play, so I put the 3-piece band together (guitar, bass, drums), arranged the music and directed it. We’ve named the band “Succubi” and I think they’re great (but I’m biased, of course). The music is a combination of beautiful, yet horrifyingly creepy, ballads and complex rock that’s a little bit twisted (and definitely for mature audiences). “Vinegar Tom” opens Wednesday (March 28) in Westhoff Theatre (at Illinois State University) and runs through next Sunday.

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