More SWAT sagas

from Radley Balko at Hit and Run:

In Montreal , it looks as if a “Cory Maye north” situation is shaping up. Basile Parasiris was home with his family when a paramilitary police team broke into the house with a battering ram as part of a larger drug raid. With son on the phone with 911, Parasiris exchanged fire with the raiding cops, believing them to be thieves. He shot two, killing one. Police returned fire, wounding Parasiris’ wife. Police found no drugs in the home. Parasiris’ gun was legal and registered. He’s being charged with first-degree murder for the shooting of the dead officer, and attempted murder for the shooting of the wounded one.

Also read about the woman who got the scare of a lifetime going to the store to buy orange soda and lottery tickets.

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