DOJ wants to hide the truth from juries about interrogations

This disturbing post from Glenn Greenwald details some revelations that have come from the documents related to the firing of U.S. attorneys.
It was revealed that the DOJ (and other agencies within the government, including the DEA) have resisted the idea of videotaping interrogations.

The DOJ solicited the views of all federal law enforcement agencies — the FBI, ATF, DEA, U.S. Marshall’s Service — and each of them vigorously opposed mandatory recording. In doing so, one of the principal arguments was that they wanted to conceal from jurors the conduct of law enforcement agents in interrogating defendants and obtaining confessions, because that conduct would appear coercive and improper to jurors.

As Glenn notes:

The difference between recording v. no recording is not whether the conduct of federal agents will be an issue in a trial. The difference is whether there will be an accurate or inaccurate record of what these law enforcement agents are doing to extract statements and obtain confessions. Yet here, every federal law enforcement agency is expressly arguing against recordings because they want to conceal from the jury what they did (or because they want to conceal what the defendant actually said).

Welcome to America.

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