Doctors say drug-testing kids a bad idea

That’s right.
In the March issue of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Pediatrics said:

… screening for illicit drugs is a complicated process prone to errors and cheating, and has not been shown to curtail youngsters‰ drug use.
Drug testing also creates a counterproductive climate of ‹resentment, distrust and suspicionŠ between children and their parents or school administrators…

They went on to list a number of other potential problems and recommended:

…parents suspicious that a child is abusing drugs or alcohol consult the child‰s primary care doctor rather than rely on school-based drug screening or home kits to check their concerns.

These are things we’ve known for some time, but John Walters doesn’t care about you or your children. He doesn’t care about trust — why should he? His entire life is a lie. He just wants kids to pee for him. He want a “golden” parachute, so he can soak up the profits from some drug testing company in his retirement.
Take your stinking kidney juice money back, John. Give it back to the people, or to the states so they can provide after-school activities for youth. Let’s have some positive efforts that help children rather then turning them all into criminals.
“bullet” You can also vote in MSNBC’s unscientific web poll:
Current results:

Do you support drug testing for children? (* 9977 responses)

  • Yes. It’s the best way to curb illegal drug use. 31%
  • No. It’s inaccurate and creates an atmosphere of distrust. 63%
  • Not sure 6.5%
[Thanks, Mary]
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