We’re funding the Taliban again

OK, read this and explain to me why we’re eradicating the poppies…

Last week, British diplomats warned that an Afghan government program to eradicate opium poppy growing in Helmand province where 4,200 British troops are based, was likely to trigger heavy fighting.
The Afghan government will begin the campaign against the drug lords as early as next month, destroying poppy fields across the province. Helmand Governor Engineer Daoud is determined to carry out a program of “targeted eradication against the big boys who are growing on government land,” according to a British diplomat.
Taliban funds come not from cultivating the poppies but from providing protection to the drug lords, he said. The Taliban will therefore attack anyone trying to wipe out the poppy crop. [emphasis added]

So the Taliban are not profiting from the sale of the drug, but rather through our threats and efforts to eradicate it.
Could we be any more stupid?
Spend lots of taxpayer money to pursue a drug war that alienates the people, funds our enemies, and still doesn’t make a dent in drug availability.
This is policy as crafted by the Marketing Division of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation. *

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