Uncle Sam, keep out

Glenn Greenwald has an interesting article at Salon this morning. While the drug war is never mentioned in it, it would certainly be implied in the premise.
It’s a suggestion to the Democrats that they can expand their strength, particularly in the interior Western regions, by appealing to certain libertarian principles.

No political party can be everything to everyone. As Republicans are forced to rely more and more on their base of white Southern evangelicals, they will be increasingly viewed as the party of intrusive governmental control.
In the process, the Democrats have the chance to become the party that stands for the right of adults to make decisions about their own lives free of moralistic governmental interference and regulation. Those who cast their votes based principally on such libertarian sentiments — driven by the belief that the government should, to the greatest extent possible, stay out of their lives — will view the Democratic Party as the far more attractive choice.

I don’t know if the Democratic Party is capable of going there, but it certainly is an interesting thought, and perhaps political self-interest is an argument to use with Democrats.

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