Tough Crowd

Well, I took on my biggest challenge to date. The Golden K Kiwanis Club in Quincy, Illinois is a great bunch of retired businessmen, but not what you might consider your easiest target group for promoting drug policy reform. And I went all out — full drug legalization.
I thought it went very well — there was some resistant body language and I believe a few may have been a bit unhappy that I was there (and may give my dad a hard time for inviting me), but there were some good questions, and a number of people came up afterward with positive comments — including a retired physician who said he was 100% with me, someone else who wanted sources to read more, and some who appeared not to be ready to go the whole way, but agreed that the current drug war wasn’t making sense and that they were willing to consider other options.
It was also great to meet a Drug WarRant fan who lives in the Quincy area and managed to get an invite to the event.
All in all, a wonderful experience. I’m looking forward to the rest of this busy week.

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