Time – Brain Damage

OK, Time Magazine is entitled to their own list of the top 100 influential albums of all time.
A picture named moon.jpgBut can you possibly take a list like that seriously when it doesn’t include Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”? I mean, how can that even be a consideration? It’s not a border-line option.
I mean, come on — it was on Billboard’s Top 200 list for 741 consecutive weeks (over 14 years).
Multiple generations of college students got stoned and found something… amazing… in this album (and the wonderful thing is, each of them found something different).
Today, over 30 years after the album came out, I often wear a tie with a simple prism design and people stop me to tell me how much they like it (often with a knowing wink). How many albums on Time’s list had that kind of influence?

“there is no dark side of the Moon really… matter of fact it’s all dark”
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