I finally get to meet all these people!

A picture named ssdp1.jpg

Scott Morgan (FlexYourRights), Radley Balko (Agitator and Reason), Nick Gillespie (Reason), Pete Guither (DrugWarRant)
Gee, I wonder if Mark Kleiman is going to want a picture with me?
[Update: He shook my hand, but was clearly not pleased to meet me, and laid in to me pretty severely for my accusations regarding his scholarship. When I said I have admired his critiques of prohibition, but have still been waiting for him to articulate his objections to legalization, he said that I should look at his paper in 1992 in Daedalus. So I have tracked it down and ordered a copy — I promised him that I would read it and respond and I will do so as soon as I get it.]

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