Have you backed up your computer?

I had a fairly major hard drive problem late night on Tuesday. I had to end up erasing and re-formatting. That could be a disaster, given the huge amounts of digital photography I do, and the fact that this blog software depends on the data stored on your computer to upload and maintain the site.
Fortunately, I back up on a regular basis. I had a full hard drive clone from September, and my most recent data backup was on Monday.
So I’m back in action and didn’t even lose a post (all that happened was that Tuesday’s post is now dated with today’s date).
It does give me the opportunity to remind people about my laptop fund. It’s been updated to show the new version that Mac just rolled out — more power and less expensive. I’m still looking for a February 1 purchase. A huge thanks to everyone who has contributed so far.
Oh, and…. back up your computer. You never know.

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