Drug War… Successes… Around the World


The death toll in Mexico’s drug war has surpassed 2,000 this year, with a newspaper editor found dead in the resort city of Zihuatanejo and a police commander assassinated in Tijuana apparently among the latest victims, according to news reports.


Drug war in Colombian port leaves 305 dead this year
BUENAVENTURA, Colombia – Six people were shot to death and six others were injured by a roadside bomb this weekend in Buenaventura, where the soaring murder rate this year is making the port city one of Colombia’s top killing fields, officials said on Sunday.


BANGKOK, Nov 14 (TNA) – Justice Ministry officials are now collecting evidence related to the extra-judicial killings of some 2,500 people during the Thaksin government’s war on drugs campaign, said a senior
official of the ministry.

Good thing drugs are illegal. Sure, thousands of people are dying, but at least we’ve stopped people from doing something that might cause them to sit for long periods on Pete’s couch.
Except, of course, that we haven’t.
The reality is that all those people have died so that the politicians and the DEA can have their drug war. Hope they’re enjoying it.

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