Pushing Backwards

The Drug Czar’s “blog” is particularly entertaining today. A simple post listing several items, including…

  1. If you care about our environment, specifically our public lands, don’t smoke pot.

    The man who has had a huge responsibility for the destruction of the environment worldwide through the promotion of drug war policies that make environmental destruction profitable comes up with that? What a putz!

  2. Here’s how ONDCP is helping one community prevent drug use in Longview, Washington.

    Here, I think the Czar got a wandering link or is seeing things. The first time today that I clicked on the link, it was an article about alcohol. At this point in time, it’s an article about school bus drivers.

  3. Random drug testing continues to spread across the country, with the Illinois High School Association being the latest to consider implementing random drug tests.

    Given the emphasis that the ONDCP has placed on testing for marijuana, the Czar’s a bit remiss in not mention that IHSA is specifically “considering random testing for steroids and growth hormones in students who play in state finals for football, basketball, track and other selected sports.”

  4. From the BBC, the latest research on the effects of meth use on development of babies.

    The referenced article comes close to promoting a “crack baby” theme, despite no more evidence than reduced weight. Fortunately, one professor didn’t drink all of the Cool-Aid: “While these children may have some serious health and developmental challenges, there is no automatic need to label them as damaged and remove them from their biological mothers.”

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