Who Would Jesus Incarcerate?

Comedian John Fugelsang, host of ACLU Freedom Files: Drug Wars, writing over at Daily Kos

Because what I learned from the bible as a child was that Jesus was a radical nonviolent revolutionary; a man who hung around with lepers, hookers and crooks; who never spoke English and wasn’t an American citizen; was anti-death penalty, anti-capitalist, anti public prayer (Matthew 6:5, please remind them) but Never anti gay; and was a long haired, brown skinned (yes, it’s in there), homeless, middle eastern Jew. And all he wants us to do is love people – especially the people we don’t like.
So I have a hard time believing that JC would advocate locking up sick people for smoking pot. Especially when his Father keeps on growing the stuff. […]
The drug war violates civil liberties, privacy rights, rights against search and seizure. It’s led to out of control crime, corrupted law enforcement & business officials, and shown that the wealthy can get away with what the poor cannot – in short, it makes a mockery of any claim to be a free country.
It has diverted resources from fighting other crimes, fostered racial profiling, and led to the imprisonment of millions – while the sick among us are cruelly prevented by illogical unscientific legislation from access to a plant given us by God that might reduce their suffering. I’ve read the bible. Show me anything, ANYTHING within the scriptures that justifies this prohibition.
The war on drugs is a war on Americans. It’s not even about race anymore , but class – and the only color that matters is lack of green.
But we can’t stop. You know why? We as a nation, a people, a tribe, are hooked.
Like Caffeine, Oxycontin, fructose or Vicodin – we are addicted to the drug war.

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