Where do they find these idiots? International Edition


A top Malaysian anti-drug official has urged for glamorous-sounding and hip names of party drugs to be dropped and replaced with names highlighting the effects of the drugs, a news report said yesterday.
Designer drugs such as Ecstasy and Ketamine gave the impression of a “trendy and divine” experience for first-time drug users, said northern Kedah state’s anti-drug agency spokesman Ariffin Man. Suggested new names for the drugs would be “agony” and “bamboozle”, said Ariffin. “Likewise, all opiate drugs should be called organised killers, cannabis as mind destroyers and ketamine as community-paralysing agents,” Ariffin was quoted as saying by the Star daily.

Dominican Republic

The head of the National Drugs Control Agency ( DNCD ) yesterday complained that sometimes his agents have difficulties in obtaining search and seizure warrants from judges and waste time in arresting drug-traffickers.

Yeah, getting warrants really puts a cramp in your style.

DRUG addicts will only get treatment and benefits if they agree not to have children, under a plan put forward by a Labour MSP.
Duncan McNeill wants addicts to sign a contract agreeing to stop taking drugs before having a family.

Australia (via Blog Reload) — here the idiots are a combination of the police and the reporter.

HOMICIDE squad detectives are investigating whether a mix of marijuana and mental illness was a factor in four murders in the past month.
Two young men and a couple who left behind a young child were the victims of fatal stabbings in the space of nine days.
It is suspected psychosis brought on by marijuana may have been a factor.
Drug counsellors have warned super-potent, genetically modified dope grown in suburban houses is severely affecting some users.
There are strong concerns among senior police at the links between cannabis-induced psychosis and killings and other violent crimes.

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