Trolling for people to search

A picture named druggun.jpgCDEX is developing a “drug gun” that is expected to be available in March 2007, that uses ultraviolet light to detect trace residue of meth, heroin, cocaine, and marijuana on clothing, skin, cars, houses…
Wow! Pretty smart ultraviolet light, eh? How much you want to bet that there are 10 times as many legal substances that it also detects (as if they were illegal drugs), and that CDEX won’t be advertising that fact to the general public?
Now police won’t have to even bother with the pretense of getting a dog to point at you. Simply get the ultraviolet light excited about the detergent you used and they’ll be able to search to their heart’s content.
Soon, the police will achieve the ability to search anyone they want, anytime, anywhere, for any reason, and that pesky fourth amendment will be finally be dispensed with completely.
Won’t that be fun.

[Thanks, Mirjan]
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