Open Thread

… and stuff that fell through the cracks.
“bullet” Heroin injecting room wildly popular with neighbors (Australia)

Nearly three-quarters of local residents and businesses support the heroin injecting center at Kings Cross, reporting a significant decrease in public drug use and rejecting the idea it encourages people to inject drugs.
Support was strongest among residents and businesses who were in the area before it was established, providing further evidence of the success of the center, which has dramatically reduced overdose deaths. […]
The NSW Opposition Leader, Peter Debnam, has vowed to close the injecting center if he becomes premier.

“bullet” Marijuana tax possibly in trouble in Tennessee. See discussion here and here at SayUncle.
“bullet” We Love Porn and Pot

“… in Canada the consummate professional will never admit to being a pot smoker, a porn surfer or a pig. “

“bullet” Since Rumsfeld won’t take advice from us regarding the Afghanistan opium crops, he has no clue what to do about it. So he’s trying to turn the problem over to Europe.
“bullet” Judge Says Police In Vermont Must Knock Before Searching — Despite Hudson ruling, exclusionary rule will apply under state’s constitution.
“bullet” The shot heard across both sides of the border. Finally, the full story of the death of Esequiel Hernandez Jr., tracked and killed by U.S. Marines conducting war on U.S. soil.
“bullet” Mark Fiore: The United States of Incarceration
“bullet” Justice Kennedy calls efforts to increase sentences “sick”
“bullet” Skippy the Bush Kangaroo turned four this week, and his blogiversary is always a momentous occasion in blogtopia. Congrats, Skippy. (And it reminds me that DrugWarRant’s own 3 year mark will be coming up on the 27th. I have to order the cake.)

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