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April 2006



Why the FDA is irrelevant

First, it’s important to note (as major media outlets have already) that the recent controversial FDA comments were politically motivated, were wrong, and ignored scientific evidence. But it’s also important to understand that, in practical terms, the FDA’s opinion regarding medical marijuana has as much relevance as if they had made a statement regarding whether […]

More on the FDA

New York Times editorial today

The Bush administration’s habit of politicizing its scientific agencies was on display again this week when the Food and Drug Administration, for no compelling reason, unexpectedly issued a brief, poorly documented statement disputing the therapeutic value of marijuana.

FDA moves even further away from science and toward politics

Under pressure from drug warriors, the FDA, released a statement opposing the use of medical marijuana. After a series of false statements claiming that “no sound scientific studies supported medical use of marijuana for treatment in the United States, and no animal or human data supported the safety or efficacy of marijuana for general medical […]

Alaska Governor Murkowski dealt a set-back

The story so far… The Alaskan Supreme Court rules that the state constitution’s privacy provision prevents arresting individuals for possessing up to four ounces of marijuana in their home, under the notion that marijuana isn’t dangerous enough to justify the privacy intrusion. This pisses Governor Murkowski who really wants to go after marijuana users more […]

A range of opinions on marijuana

A very thoughtful article by William W. Savage III in the oudaily about the different viewpoints that emerge in a discussion about legalizing medical marijuana in Oklahoma. I think it’s well written because it really get to the heart of where people are coming from on these issues, from the hardcore opposition:

Asked if there […]

Sun came out today. ONDCP takes credit.

Via The Drug Update — ONDCP Press Release ECSTACY MARKET COLLAPSING: Use of the Drug Dramatically Down in the United States; International Seizures Drop Dramatically

Director Walters said, “Thanks to the work of parents, communities, and law enforcement, we are seeing a dramatic decline in the threat that Ecstasy poses to our nation. Conventional wisdom […]

Dick’s advice to George

Dick Morris is recycling his moronic advice to President Bush. He thinks he has the answer to get Bush to bounce back, including:

Put the drug fight front and center: Demand drug testing in schools with parental consent, and tax incentives for workplace drug testing. Link cocaine to terrorism, and build a national consensus for […]

State by state aid elimination reports from SSDP

Go to the DARE Generation Diary — SSDP has released its state by state report on the financial aid elimination penalty. USA today ran an article on it yesterday, including a quote from our friend Tom Angell:

“I think it’s important that all members (of Congress) know exactly how many of their constituents’ lives have […]

The ONDCP attempts to put a good face on Colombia coca estimates

[Note: This is via The Drug Update — a new site to me that could be a good resource. The Drug Update is developing a drug policy news aggregator. I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops.] Check out the opening of the Drug Czar’s report:

This year we are reporting mixed results for the […]

A message for tax day

Your Tax Dollars on Drugs, by Rob Kampia of the Marijuana Policy Project.