The Prince of Pot on 60 Minutes

Must see TV. Tomorrow (Sunday, March 5), CBS’s 60 Minutes (7 pm ET/PT, 6 pm CT), includes a segment on Marc Emery. I don’t know how the segment will turn out, but this is the kind of visibility he needs.

The last place he wants to be is in jail, but Emery says if the Canadian courts allow the U.S. government to extradite him and a U.S. jury puts him away, he still sees a silver lining.

“I am blessed by what the DEA has done,” he tells Simon. “I would rather see marijuana legalized than me being saved from a U.S. jail. I hope that if I am incarcerated, I can influence tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of young people to take up my cause.”

Note: There are a couple of short preview videos at the CBS page.

[Thanks, Scott]
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