Drug War Reporting Idiocy Award

… for today goes to Ianthia Smith, Guardian Staff Reporter, for the article Bahamas on winning side of drug war.
Ianthia actually led off the article with:

The Bahamas is one step closer to winning its drug war…

On step closer to winning the drug war! Wow, that is big news. Especially since nobody in the history of the world has actually won a drug war yet (to my knowledge).
But then again, maybe Ianthia meant it in the way I might say that, by eating a bowl of Wheaties this morning, I moved one step closer to winning an Olympic Gold Medal.
Now, here’s the evidence that the Bahamas is winning its drug war:

  1. Seizures of marijuana doubled in 2005, demonstrating the success of the drug war.
  2. Seizures of cocaine decreased in 2005, demonstrating the success of the drug war in previous years

Kind of hard to lose when you measure it that way.

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