Koufax Award Finalist

Thanks to all who voted for Drug WarRant in the Koufax Awards. You have placed this blog in a very prestigious group of finalists for Single Issue Blog. Here’s the full info about the final voting.
I’ve never really thought there was a chance of winning the category (going against great blogs like TalkLeft), so getting in the group of finalists is like winning to me. Interestingly, the Koufax Awards are intended to honor lefty blogs, and Drug WarRant has always been open to any part of the political spectrum that is willing to oppose the drug war – left, right, center, or libertarian. The real victory here is seeing a “lefty” awards site accept and support drug policy reform as an issue of importance.
Now all I need is to achieve finalist in a “righty” awards… get everybody working together to make some changes.

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