Drug Czar caught

Not only can’t the Drug Czar go around unchallenged any more, even the Press is realizing that they can’t automatically believe everything he says, and is asking questions (and catching the lies).

The White House drug czar yesterday sounded the alarm on high school kids drinking and drugging during spring break but backed away from assertions that 1 in 7 high schoolers under age 18 are partying unsupervised in hotspots like Cancun and Miami Beach.
“It was in fact a very real human error,” Rosanna Maietta, spokeswoman for the Bush administration’s Office of National Drug Control Policy, said of the agency’s faulty math, which suggested that 15 percent of all high schoolers under age 18 were unleashed to go wild during the annual vacation.
Late yesterday, after several inquiries from the Herald, the Drug Control Office, through its public relation arm, Fleishman-Hillard, admitted it lacked the statistics to back up its claim.

“lacked the statistics” Nice euphemism. Try that yourself sometime (“Honey, remember last Friday when I told you I was playing cards with the guys? Well, it turns out I lack the statistics to back up that claim.”)

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