Walters’ turns facts upside down

Our Drug Czar is known for asserting the complete opposite of the truth (like when he blamed drug users for damaging the environment in Colombia, while calling for increased spraying of toxic chemicals).
Here, he does it again when referring to drug use.

“It breaks up families; it destroys learning, memory, retention, self-discipline; it is a catalyst to crime, crime at a very young age; self-destruction, other destruction; child abuse and endangerment,” he said. “And it also is, in terms of its revenue, it takes millions of dollars out of affected communities.” [emphasis added]

Millions of dollars out of affected communities? Is he referring to the voluntary purchase of a product by a buyer from a seller where a large portion of the money ends up outside of the community? Then you might as well blame car dealerships.
But if we really want to talk about the loss of millions of dollars out of affected communities, let’s talk about the millions in tax dollars that we pay Walters to fly around and give inane speeches. Let’s talk about the billions we spend on prisons and the drug war infrastructure. Let’s talk about the loss of tax revenue from keeping drugs illegal.

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