Jonathan V. Last, Wanker of the Day

Jonathan V. Last is the online editor of the Weekly Standard who rather famously described the torture at Abu Ghraib:

Worse happens in frat houses across America … bad pictures with some guys playing naked Twister. It’s bad, but we don’t want to get too crazy.

In addition to his enjoyment of the innocent pleasures of torture, he’s a big fan of the drug war, and the ONDCP in particular.
He rhapsodizes about the drug war in today’s Philadelphia Enquirer: We Are Winning the War on Drugs, in which he uncritically, and without context, parrots ONDCP talking points.
In conclusion, he practically gets down on his knees to fellate the Drug Czar:

Next week, the ONDCP will release a report outlining their order of battle for 2006. Director John Walters is not the type to go running for the nearest TV camera. Yet the quiet success he has overseen is a powerful reminder that the bad guys are not 10 feet tall; that failure is not inevitable; that the war on drugs is a war worth fighting; and that we’re fighting it well.

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