High: The True Tale of American Marijuana – Review

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There’s a great new film about the drug war making its debut this month. John Holowach has created a serious documentary that’s lots of fun to watch. And while the title, High: the True Tale of American Marijuana gives you the starting point for this film, the overall content sneaks up on you and before you’re fully aware of it, you’ve come to understand that the entire drug war is inescapably interconnected.

John Holowach is an accomplished film-maker who has passionate feelings about the drug war (he’s been a regular at Drug WarRant). This film came about because of his realization that there was an important void to be filled. And “High” is the only documentary out there that provides a comprehensive contemporary view of drug policy reform.

Visit the website of HIGH

February 28, 2006
Ohio State University
Campbell Hall, Room 200
7:30 PM – $5
Q&A with Director afterwards

More public showings listed at the site, including February 28 at Brown University, and March 24 at Truman State University. If you want to set up a showing, there’s contact information on the site.

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