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Well, I finish my run in Marat/Sade this evening. It’s been a wonderful show and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, but losing every evening for the past 8 weeks has taken its toll. I now will need some time to recover and catch up with other work, but I’ll try to get back to more posting here quickly.
For now, check these out:
“bullet” Militarizing Mayberry at The Agitator. Standard knock-down-the-door-slam-the-residents-to-the-floor-and-cuff-them drug warrior approach for 2.5 grams of marijuana. And sure, ignore the fact that the woman is havin a heart attack. When it comes to busting marijuana, who cares about human life, anyway? The woman survived and is suing.
“bullet” A new political approach? Politician admits using cocaine and his poll numbers immediately go up. Hmmm… Bush could use some help right now… (Thanks, Lee) [Also, I see Joel Miller had the same thought]
“bullet” Jews Lead the Charge for Medical Pot — interesting article by Joe Eskenazi of Jewish News Weekly. The article talks about Irv Rosenfeld, Robert Raich, Ed Rosenthal, and others. One of my favorite anecdotes in the article is from attorney Bill Panzer:

“In seventh or eighth grade, a cop came to our school to give us a talk. He told us that marijuana came to our country when we were building the railroads; it was brought along to plant along the side of the tracks because no living creature will go near marijuana. That‰s how evil it is. And the thundering herds of bison would come across the great plains 5 million strong and stop dead in their tracks,” he said.

He pauses for effect.

“And even at that point, I knew this was bulls–t.”

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