Odds and Ends

“bullet” At Dare Generation Diary:

  • Link. Just how are school drug zones calculated, anyway? As the crow flies or as the dealer walks? (NY State Court of Appeals goes with the crow)
  • Profiting from the Drug War, part 47,283.

“bullet” D’Alliance talks about GOP Support for Industrial Hemp. I take issue with the headline. The hemp bill referred to was introduced by Ron Paul (as much libertarian as Republican) and three Democrats. And then you’ve got a couple of Republicans that are interested in the issue for practical reasons. Perhaps the title should be: “A small assortment of rogue, lilbertarian-minded politicians from both sides of the aisle support Industrial Hemp despite the active antagonism and indifference respectively from the Republican and Democratic parties.”
“bullet” Grits for Breakfast notes what should be obvious, but seems to be missed by our law-and-order prison-complex punishment-oriented criminal justice system:

If we really cared about public safety instead of just vengeance and retribution, programs to help offenders find jobs and places to live would be as important a part of the corrections system as prison walls and bars.
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