U.S. captures terrorist Steve Tuck

Well, we haven’t gotten Osama yet, but the federal government has Steve Tuck in custody.
What can I tell you about this terrorist? I didn’t know much about him until recently (and what I do know is still a bit sketchy).
Steve Tuck served in the US military, and while part of the military, his parachute failed to properly open. Miraculously, he didn’t die.
He did, however, have 13 back surgeries and a metal plate inserted in his lower back. The pain requires high doses of morphine, which can be reduced somewhat by the use of marijuana.
But then he turned terrorist. What did he do? He helped supply medical marijuana to sick people in California! Well, federal agents were on the ball and swarmed down on him, but he was able to sneak past their net and across the border (to Canada).
In Canada, Steve got involved in medical marijuana activism. This, combined with his bold move of actually smoking pot in a marijuana club in front of our Drug Czar. This apparently caused the feds to make Steve Tuck one of the most wanted, probably just behind that #2 Al Queda operative they keep catching.
So they infiltrated the weak Canadian police and grabbed Steve. He now is in the United States, in custody, denied morphine and medical care. Just like a terrorist.
MarijuanaNews.com is the place to follow his story. (More here.)

[Thanks to Scott]
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