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“bullet” Drug War Chronicle’s Phil Smith is in Afghanistan, reporting in person on the drug war there. You can read his dispatches here.
“bullet” Washington Post reports about a Congressional dog and pony show (sans pony). Congress is considering more funding for law enforcement dogs, so they watched them sniff explosives and marijuana. As jackl notes, dogs can only be trained to do one or the other (a point neglected by the Post), meaning that every dog trained to sniff pot, is one that isn’t making us safe from terrorists.
“bullet” Mary Jane’s Last Dance — an offensive operation in Philadelphia targeting drug paraphernalia in Spencer’s Gifts in the mall.

Detectives took shot glasses, dishes, bowls, Frisbees, CDs, magnets, sneakers, headbands, stationery, lighters, pins, bracelets, key chains, cookie cutters and dozens of other “marijuana” merchandise from the Oxford Valley store. The pieces to one chess set were various sized marijuana leaves.

“bullet” Via Cannabis News and NORML:

Marijuana use, as indicated by the presence of cannabis metabolites, is not associated with crash culpability among injured drivers, according to data presented at the annual conference of the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine.

“bullet” Coffee with… Gary Storck Wisconsin’s top medical marijuana advocate speaks out.
“bullet” Vets Against the (Drug) War — Outstanding article about Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

[Thanks to Scott, dmac, and others]

“bullet” It’s fun when they fight. Souder and the Drug Czar are at odds again.
“bullet” Loretta Nall Announces Run for Governor of Alabama. That’s one I’d love to see!

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