Discussion on steroids…

(No, not a discussion about steroids…)
For those who haven’t been following, the discussion on the Drug War Victims page that was mentioned a couple of posts back has been continuing at amazing length (and non-stop). I learned that this blogging software has a limit of 100 comments on a post, so I’ve had to create additional pages to get more commenting room.
It’s quite an entertaining debate.
For the Prohibitionists:

  • Jake — aligned with, connected with, or working with the police force involved in the Hirko case. Very animated and prolific writer.

For the Drug Policy Reformers:

  • Kaptinemo
  • Hope
  • muleskinner
  • Sukoi
  • runruff

Go to this page and read the first 200 comments and then dive into the comments window at the bottom for the up-to-the-moment discussion.

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