Feeding the trolls

It’s pretty exciting to have reached a level of visibility and power in the blogosphere that I can attract trolls. It’s been, in some ways, a novel treat, and for our commenters, it’s been an opportunity to do a little practice.
However, there’s a limit to the value of responding to trolls, because they aren’t really interested in learning anything. They just spout the same refuted points over and over. The value for other commenters soon fades, as they are not given the opportunity to take an argument to the next level — something that a discussion with a reasoned debater would allow.
At this point, I’m going to limit Taylor to 5 posts a day. That’s a huge amount. Anything over that will be deleted. Instead of writing 25 posts without saying anything, Taylor, take the time to think through 5 better posts.
Part of this is selfish. I have limited time and yet I want to read all comments posted to my blog. This repetitive argumentation is cutting down on my time to post blog entries.
If abuse continues, I may look into options for banning trolls, but I prefer not to do that.

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