We need justice, not John Roberts

I’ve held off saying too much about the Supreme Court nominee, waiting for more information. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have that much of a judicial record, so he’s a bit of a stealth candidate, but based on this post by TalkLeft, I feel confident in saying that John Roberts is not who we want on the Supreme Court.
We already have a court that has too often sided with the government over the individual, eroding our rights as free citizens — particularly 4th Amendment rights. All the government has to do is say “drug war” and the Supremes roll over and say, “Well, in that case, certainly you should take away more constitutional rights,” regardless of whether the policy even works.
It appears from his record that John Roberts will actually be eager to join in this shredding of the Bill of Rights, and may even become a leader in this effort.
He should not be confirmed.

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