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“bullet” Keith Gottschalk used to be a talk show host here in Central Illinois and I got to know him through that and through his blogging as well. He’s got a column yesterday in Rabble (a progressive Canadian publication) about the Marc Emery situation: A U.S. view: An open letter to Irwin Cotler.

As a U.S. citizen I would be ashamed to have Mr. Emery, a Canadian citizen and politician, tried in the United States. It would be a grotesque violation of human decency and the right of people to be tried in their own nations for breaking their own nation’s laws.

Extraditing Emery to the U.S. will only embolden the U.S. DEA and other U.S. law enforcement agencies to continue to exploit what are often, in actuality, unilateral ‹mutual cooperationŠ treaties with other countries, and bring foreign nationals forcibly into the U.S. to serve draconian sentences for drug and other crimes that are handled quite differently where they live.

“bullet” Thomas Knapp has written a fascinating post: Something’s rotten in DEA’n’Marc, in which he speculates that the DEA action against Marc Emery may have some connection to Loretta Nall’s run for Governor.

Enter the DEA and the sudden, screeching halt to Loretta Nall’s livelihood. If you think that’s coincidence, give me a call — I’ve got some Enron shares I’m looking to unload. Unlike Bob Riley and Lucy Buxley, Nall doesn’t get a government paycheck to pay the bills while she tries to climb the political ladder. She has to work for a living. And the work she’s done for some time has been for POT-TV.

Let’s not take this lying down.

First and foremost, it is imperative that we fight the corruption of America’s politics by its own bureaucrats, using our money. Please, write your congresscritters and ask for an investigation into the ONDCP/DEA’s abuse of public funds and political power to stuff the ballot box.

“bullet” At Slate, Jack Schafer writes: Why Does Drug Reporting Suck? Still.
Quite interesting.

[Thanks to Tom, and others]
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