So stupid it’s almost funny

In Thursday’s Washington Times: Colombia helps Afghanistan wage drug war
Illinois’ Henry Hyde, idiot and Chairman of the House International Relations Committee, got this bright idea: Colombia has done so well with its drug war, why not have them tell Afghanistan how to do it?

“We warmly welcome the restoration of formal relations between Afghanistan and Colombia and especially the joint efforts of Colombia and its elite national police to help Afghanistan tackle the enormous problem of heroin production, which also fuels terrorism,” Mr. Hyde said yesterday. […]

“The Colombians are the world’s experts on establishing sovereignty and security over ungoverned space, especially when fighting narcotics-funded terrorists,” said Andre Hollis, a top Pentagon counterdrug official in President Bush’s first term.

And Hyde, of course, takes every opportunity to play the terror card…

“Colombia … has a lot to share and help our Afghan partners with in the global struggle against drugs and terror,” Mr. Hyde said.

When I first read it, I laughed. As I continued to think about it, I just got angrier. So absurd. So stupid.
Remember, despite what morons like Henry Hyde may say, drugs don’t fund terrorism. Prohibition does.

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