Craven police tactics

Libby at Last One Speaks has this story about Marc Craven Caven, a career snitch who uses entrapment as his normal method of operation.
Here’s what he does. After getting hired by a police force, he goes looking for people who are working minimum wage jobs. Using fake business cards identifying himself as John King of Evergreen Construction and Landscaping, he offers them a high paying construction job. While stringing them along on the job offer, he asks them to buy him some pot. They do it in order to get a better job, but get arrested instead.
Caven’s been doing this in Oregon for over 32 years, and while a lot of cases have gotten thrown out of court (and despite Caven’s own criminal record), police forces continue to hire him and some poor hard-working employed citizens get their lives destroyed because they were offered a chance for a better job.
The real criminals here are the police departments and drug task forces who hired Caven, along with the district attorneys who prosecuted the cases.
As one defense attorney said: “The job of law enforcement is to catch criminals, not create them.”
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Update: Article had the name spelled both Craven and Caven. The name appears to be Caven, the activity craven.

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