Why go through the door?

This is nothing new — something I’ve railed about for some time as it relates to drug task forces here in the states, but this article from Canada just kind of drove me a little nuts.

It was a drug raid that came close to going tragically wrong.

As armed narcotics officers got set to barge through the door of a suspect’s home in Spryfield, other officers peering through a window were horrified to see a man inside levelling a rifle at the door. […]

“We go through a door and sometimes those inside are wired or stoned.” […]

“Almost inevitably, when we go through a door, we know there is going to be weapons of some sort inside,” Staff Sgt. McTiernan said. […]

“A lot of these guys are not always sure who is coming through the door.

“If they know it’s the police, it’s not normally an issue because they know we are not there to harm them.”

But it can be a different story “if they think it’s someone else coming in to rip them off.” […]

“A lot of times when we go through doors, we don’t always know what is in there and we find loaded firearms,” he said […]

“They know their door could come down and they could be arrested at any time. […]

Isn’t anyone going to ask: “Why the hell are you going through the door?”

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