Souder vs. the White House

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
Seeing Drug War Religious Extremists Mark Souder and John Mica rake the Drug Czar’s office over the coals for not being tough enough in the war on drugs is simultaneously hilarious and sad.
The Representatives made it clear that Meth is the new Heroin (or the new Crack, or the new pot that’s so powerful that it’s the new crack, or something) and that the administration had better do something about it. This, of course, is a problem for the administration since marijuana is their only path toward their numbers goals (there just aren’t enough meth users that can be easily coerced into quitting in order to help the Czar’s percentages.)

Rep. Tom Osborne, R-Neb., formerly head football coach at the University of Nebraska, said meth poses a greater threat to U.S. society than foreign terrorists.

“Meth is the biggest threat to the United States, maybe even including al-Qaida,” Osborne said.

Whoa! That’s different! Meth isn’t the new Heroin. It’s the new suicide bomber. Which makes it part of the war on terror!
But wait — the war on terror is now over! It’s been renamed the “Global Struggle Against Extremism.”
And since Souder is an extremist … (OK, this is getting confusing) … then the war against meth has become a struggle against Souder, right?

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