Possible jury nullification attempt?

Read the details of this case. An 18-year-old faces a controversial “school-zone” mandatory prison term for selling pot. (The Massachussetts “school-zones” cover just about everything.)
The defense attorney apparently raised enough questions about entrapment and that the severity of the sentence was extreme, that the jury deadlocked and a mistrial was declared.
Pay attention to this, folks. We may see a whole lot more of this in the future.
If the Supreme Court continues to rule against the individual (I don’t know enough about nominee Roberts yet to have a strong opinion, but I was concerned to hear that he had a record that showed deference to the powers of the administration), and if the legislature continues to ignore the will of their consitutents as it relates to drug policy, and if the administration continues to enjoy waging war against its own citizens, then eventually, the citizens will have to take charge of justice themselves. And they have that ability, that right — in fact, that responsibility — in the jury box.

[Thanks to Herb]
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