Marijuana growers prefer to be law-abiding power consumers

Libby at Last One Speaks nails it.
This article in the Globe and Mail points out that the police in Canada are having a harder time busting grow-ops since a new privacy regulation prevents utility companies from ratting out paying customers based on their power consumption.
Between the lines, though, you immediately see that the grow-ops, while previously using dangerous techniques to steal the power, causing millions of dollars of losses for the utilities, are now paying for it as good consumers. Everybody wins… except the prohibitionists.
Jackl in comments also notes:

I have been told by people managing in the billing and customer service areas of public utilties that they’re also really nervous about people possibly coming to see the innocuous meter reader or lineman, who often has to enter customers’ premises, trying to do his/her job, being a potential surveillance agent working for the police.
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