Drug WarRant is 2

That’s right — two years ago today, I started blogging. I thought at the time that I’d post once a week or so (since this is post #1062 I think you can see that my estimate was a bit off).
I just went back and looked at my first post. It was a report on the debate over the Hinchey Amendment to stop using federal funds to go after medical marijuana patients. I’ve now covered that failed attempt in 2003, 2004, and 2005. A bit depressing, but, on the other hand, there have been tons of incredible new accomplishments over the past two years in our fight to bring sanity back to drug policy.
Thanks to Adam, Avedon, Baylen, Ben, Daniel, Daksya, desertcat, disgustedvet, David, Ethan, ezrydn, filchyboy, gemsbok, Herb, Jacob, jackl, Jeff, Jeralyn, Jim, John, kaptinemo, Klay, Kris, Krissy, Kwix, Libby, lorax, Loretta, M. Simon, Matt, Mark, nephalim, norbizness, nhop, Radley, Randy, Richard, SayUncle, Scott, Sister Geoff, sixtyfps, Steve, Tad, Taylor, Terry, thehim, Tom, Walter, Yan and lots of others whom I’m sure I’ve left off this list. The encouragement and discussions have made continuing this blog a joy.
Lots more to do.

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