Drug War Stupidity Everywhere

Here’s another amazing example of drug war gone crazy. Yorkshire Post reports of five men who just had their sentences formally quashed due to being set-up by a bizarre customs enforcement scheme in England.
Here’s how it worked: British customs officials would find a professional informant to buy drugs in Pakistan and then fly them to Britain to deliver the drugs to a “customer,” who would be arrested. The informant would get a nice reward, out of which he would pay his drug supplier in Pakistan. Both the informant and the drug supplier could continue to get this income as long as they found people to set up.

Defence lawyer James Wood QC earlier told the court: “Significant quantities of heroin were permitted to be distributed on to UK streets.
“Such rewards were paid to informants that the international trade in heroin was, in part, funded.

“All the while, the courts of the UK, and the authorities in Pakistan, were kept in ignorance of the true role which officers of Customs and Excise and informants were playing.”

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