Barthwell watch

Just like to keep tabs on Andrea Barthwell (this one isn’t even drug war-related). Here’s an instance where she’s quoted in the media telling the truth.
In this article about teens and driving, they turn to Andrea as an expert in her role as co-chair of End Needless Death. I’ve always wondered what she does in that role, and this article did nothing to further explain it.
Now I don’t know who’s more to blame here, Andrea, or the local ABC station, but did you really need an expert to give you this quote?

“There’s nothing more painful that a parent’s pain at the loss of a childe or seeing that their future has been cut out because of a severe disability following a crash,” said Dr. Andrea Barthwell, co-chair, End Needless Deaths
[I’ll assume the typos were from ABC.].

Good thing they turned to the co-chair of End Needless Deaths. Otherwise I would never have guessed that it’s painful when a parent loses their children.

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