And the Candy Bans Begin

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CHICAGO — The City Council passed an ordinance Wednesday banning the sale of marijuana-flavored lollipops, gumdrops and other treats, becoming the first major city to prohibit the confections that have appeared in convenience stores nationwide.

The candies are legal because they are made with hemp oil, an ingredient used in health foods and some household products. The oil imparts marijuana’s grassy taste but not the high.

“I can’t imagine the degree and the extent to which people will go to make a buck — and to make a buck on kids, trying to get them to experiment with something that is going to be a lead-in to the use of marijuana,” said Alderman Edward M. Burke, who sponsored the measure.

There have been a number of places talking about doing this — I didn’t think Chicago would be first. It is, of course, an absolutely ridiculous ordinance. The notion that you’re going to stop kids from trying marijuana by banning something else as well?
I’m sure the only thing they’ve done is make the candy more interesting.
When I heard all the fuss about this candy earlier this month, I decided to check it out myself and wandered over to Chronic Candy. I can see why the anti-marijuana-regardless-of-its-use politicians wouldn’t like this — it’s as much a slap in their face as Cheech and Chong. Here’s a web site that revels in the joy of marijuana and makes their candy part of that culture. They’ve got slogans like “Every lick is like taking a hit” and note that their candy is “made with love not with stress.”
I ordered a half-ounce, which just arrived yesterday (that’s actually 40 lollipops). At that quantity, they’re about a buck each, which is steep for a normal sized sucker, but then again, you’re ordering it in part for the fun of it. They’re actually quite good. A light taste, not overwhelming, but unmistakable. Sort of like lime… with a twist.
But not in Chicago. At least, not in the stores. I’m sure Chronic Candy is reeling from the ordinance… and all the free publicity.
Side note: Other things that Chicago is currently considering or has passed bans on… sparklers (Happy Independence Day!), smoking (the largest ban ever, including all public indoor facilities, outdoor structures, free standing bars, and outdoors within 25 feet of any of any entrance to any of the above), and taverns. What’s happening to Chicago?

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