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I admit that WorldNetDaily is not my usual first place to turn for news (or anything), but Steve Young pointed out a fascinating/bizarre article by conservative author Jim Rutz.
Now obviously it’s no big deal for conservatives to support drug policy reform. William F. Buckley, Jr. and many others have been leading voices for change. But I don’t recall seeing many far-right American Fundamentalists calling for drug policy reform.
I think Rutz qualifies. This founder of Megashift Ministries has already confidently stated that the entire world is going to become Christian and wipe out the liberals, and noted:

…let me wave my tiny set of conservative credentials: I stand somewhere between Joan of Arc and Wyatt Earp, I support any conspiracy theory that can be explained in Basic English with a straight face, and I will enter any contest in which first prize is dinner with Ann Coulter.

So what does Rutz have to say about drug policy reform? Check this out:

We now have a way to halt the illegal drug trade.

It will require twin solutions — one at the supply end of the pipeline, the other at the demand end.

Let’s look at the demand problem this week. That’s the easy one because it can be solved by government decree: Just get Congress to pass a law legalizing drugs and setting up super-discount outlets for heroin, pot, and other flavors of dunce drugs, and — poof! — the game is 90 percent over.

He has some… interesting… suggestions (clearly tongue-in-cheek):

The magic of the forbidden fruit will evaporate, especially if President Bush decides to skip the government emporiums and sell exclusively through churches. (At least that would beat bingo and bake sales as a fund-raiser.) Envision this remark in a circle of teens slouched around your TV set on Saturday afternoon: “Hey, guys, let’s go buy some crack from Father O’Toole and get high tonight.” Approximately 12 seconds after the sale, your phone would ring with the news, and you and the other parents would come down on your kids like an avalanche down Everest.

That’s assuming the kids were desperate enough to go ask the pastor to sell them some dope — and look like drooling idiots.

The thing is, he really does understand. If you can wade through his references to liberals and sin, and get to the meat of his statements, they make sense.

One big factor that keeps drugs attractive to the young is the excitement of getting away with something forbidden. […] Drug dabbling is going to be with us for awhile. But that doesn’t mean regular drug use will continue to be a problem. […] The main force that keeps drugs so popular in the United States is the war against drugs. […] So let’s change the law.


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